*NM San Antonio New Fall Marc Jacobs Stock*

  1. There are so many bags from Fall that have already arrived at NM San Antonio. The colors are amazing!!!! The Alyona style and the Silviana styles are my favorite. Have you all seen the berry color???
  2. The berry color is fabulous!! Post some pics for us Steph!

    Do you know if NM has an anniversary MJ bag like the other brands?
  3. They sure do, it is part of the stam colection
  4. So MJ made a stam for NM's anniversary? Please describe, I'm dying to find out what it is or what it looks like.
  5. Here are some of the new bags
    IMG_1508 copy.jpg IMG_1509 copy.jpg IMG_1510 copy.jpg IMG_1515 copy.jpg IMG_1514 copy.jpg
  6. Here is the anniversary piece. Sorry the pic is not good but the color is grey.
  7. Sorry
    SCAN0025 copy.jpg
  8. Wow, love the color of the baby stam... I was hoping to find a bordeaux from 05, but this looks like it might fit the bill.

    Love the metallic bag at the end too... the anniversary bag looks smokin! Love the leather detail around the exterior zipper. Go MJ!
  9. I saw all of these bags IRL tonight when I went to NM!! And Steph is right, they are scrumptious!! This red color is my favorite - maybe not the style, but the color is divine!:drool:

  10. the red tone from the first and thrid photos are not the same, am i right? I love the red tone of that baby stam. And, may i know whats NM'Anniversary piece?
  11. I think this is the anniversary stam:

  12. NM's 100th anniversary is this Fall so designers have done limited edition exclusives for this occasion. It really will be awesome if you can own one of these bags.
  13. Love 'em ALL!!! This collection is smokin hot for me.
  14. Wow! A 100 years? That's impressive! That would definitely be neat to own one of those LE bags.
  15. wow--these are gorgeous...and so tempting!!