*NM San Antonio New Fall Chloe Stock*

  1. NM San Antonio had received a ton of Fall bags already. The Heloise, Elvire and new paddington styles and colors and just to name a few. The red is great on the Heloise. Have any of you all seen in person too?
  2. I was just in Austin for business and Saks and NM both had some the new bags as well. I have seen the new style paddys with the chains. Nice but I still prefer the classic. I finally saw the heloise irl and you are right the red is really nice. I didn't really care for this bag online but it's much nicer in person. I had seen the elvire before and I actually already have it in black. I really like it but I think a lot of people here are not so crazy about it. I think it's a bit edgier for Chloe but I like that.