NM San Antonio MORE STUFF!!!!!!

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  1. I can not believe the amount of MJ that's on the floor at NM San Antonio. Here are a couple things......
    *Patchwork Dome Satchels in light petrol (dk blue green), peanut, eggshell and chestnut
    *Stam canvas/ostrich combo
    *Mini stam in canvas/ostrich combo
    *Patent stam frame satchels in a bunch of colors
    Let me know if anyone wants pics, and this was just to name a few:wtf:
  2. Any multipockets?:nuts:
  3. Yes - we want pics!!
  4. thanks, and pics please! also, they are all regular price stuff right?

  5. Whatcha got in soft calf? C'mon, give it to me!!
  6. Everything is new and reg price..... here they are!!!!!
    IMG_1532 copy.jpg IMG_1533 copy.jpg IMG_1534 copy.jpg IMG_1544 copy.jpg IMG_1545 copy.jpg
  7. and some more....
    IMG_1546 copy.jpg IMG_1547 copy.jpg IMG_1548 copy.jpg IMG_1549 copy.jpg IMG_1551 copy.jpg
  8. OMG, this is the Anniversary bag!


    Thanks so much for posting the pics Steph!!
  9. So many beautiful bags!!!:nuts: Thanks for posting pics Steph! Once school cools down, I'll need to come by and see these in person. :tup: I love this one!!

  10. OMG! The bags and colors are gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pics!
  11. The Anniversary bag is awesome girls!!!
  12. Wow, those bags are TDF!! Thanks for posting pics!
  13. some more pics....
    IMG_1509 copy.jpg IMG_1510 copy.jpg IMG_1511 copy.jpg IMG_1512 copy.jpg IMG_1513 copy.jpg
  14. Thanks!
  15. if that is you in the pics....I WANT YOUR SKIRT!!!!