NM San Antonio Chanel Sale

  1. Some new Chanel bags have appeared on the sale table today that weren't available before. Still some pink bowlers and some souple collection bags.
  2. wow.. thanks.. would love a black bowler if the price is good. Do you know what are the prices? and do you have a good SA you can recommend? thanks
  3. Only one bowler left!!!!!!!
  4. Do you know how much is the bowler?!
  5. $836 - 25% whish if my math is correct $627, its a great deal
  6. What colors/styles are the souple available in?
  7. hmm.. i might have the wrong picture of the bowler..

    Does that bowler have chained handles?
  8. almost looks more like a doctors bag.
  9. souple is in coral and black
  10. What style in black?
  11. I'm sorry, the black is gone:crybaby:
  12. It's ok. Thank you. :smile:
  13. Steph, do you have the small pink caviar wallet? I'm looking for one. Please PM me. Thanks.
  14. Still one wallet available this morning