NM Sales

  1. Botkier*-* Trigger Turbo Shoulder Bag*-* Neiman Marcus

    I chased sales all day and after 6 were cancelled (all Chloes) I do have one in process. This trigger in cognac.

    I only have one other Botkier that arrived this week. The Bombay tall Hobo (60% off, oh I love a bargain). I am thrilled with it. Any thoughts on the trigger?
  2. Love It!!
  3. ^^^Oooh, so pretty JudieH. I'm sure you will love it.

    I need to stop neglecting my children and go make dinner, but the sales keep popping up!
  4. good deals ladies!
  5. Bittymonkey, I bought into the Kooba hype and got one last week. A Claudia hobo. It is smooshy and beautiful. I'm sold on the brand. Enjoy!
  6. I was looking for a silver bag for the spring, so this seemed like a good opportunity. I'm excited!

    Do I like this one? Be & D - Bond Clutch - Bergdorf Goodman I can't decide. Might be good with jeans.
  7. I canceled my order, I'm now considering a Marc Teri Tote by MJ instead :yes:
  8. I love my trigger!! I've been using it since Nov. 07. Very stylish and functional. I just received my Chloe Edith Shopper....cute, but not as functional though.
  9. Love the clutch!!! It looks great with dark jeans!
  10. I bought the Trigger in both nero (black) and cognac. The leather on the black is fabulous. I returned the cognac because the leather was low quality. Given the timing, it's very possible that you bought the cognac that I returned.