NM Sale?

  1. Anyone know when the next one is?
  2. December I believe
  3. I was at the store yesterday and it looked like they were doing a pre-sale...it's not a major sale, but a sale nonetheless
  4. They're doing a pre-sale now but it's only on already marked down items and it's for double points not an additional discount. The private shopping night is in Nov. but the SA's don't know what day yet. I will post when I get the call. That's usually 30% off non - sale new merchandise.

  5. Does this include Marc Jacob Handbags??
  6. The private night? Each yr it seems to be different. Check w/ your SA
  7. Do I have to have a NM card to participate in the private night?
  8. you need NM card to pay..... unless you have amex or NM gift cards....
  9. This is great! I get double points on my first 1500$ purchase on the NM gold card which will give me $6500 points this year and InCircle status. Do you already have to be an incircle member to participate in the private sale? Is it the same night in every store?
  10. No, you don't need to be an InCircle member to participate.

    All you have to do is show up.
  11. I was told last week that the 3 hour, 1 night sale will be November 8.
  12. Will the Nov 8 sale apply to nationwide NM? Does the whole NM goes on sale or just particular brand? I've heard about Saks had one of those sales for the Whole Saks, shoppers cleared out LV because it was on sale too!

  13. Only certain brands are included
  14. Do they exclude Men's Prada generally? That is why I would be going!!
  15. Louis Vuitton never ever goes on sale.