NM Sale

  1. There's a pre-sale right now. The sale day is on Friday next week (if I remember what my SA said accurately!). I just know you can put stuff on the side for the sale :heart:
  2. YEP! I put aside 2 Prada shoes and 2 pairs of Tods shoes..That I always wanted..they were 33% off
  3. oooohhh my! Would they have chanel cambon flats on sale tooooo? what else is on sale??
  4. Um, when I was there today I got Prada and Manolo's. I think I saw Gucci and definitely some Chanel shoes. I think they have a lot of stuff on sale.

    You could probably talk to your SA and see if they can get the shoes you want from another store?
  5. Thanks! I'll call then tommorrow asap!
  6. I got a pair of the classic Feragamo bow flats, in a black canvas with a silver buckle - they have cute colored paint "splotches" on them. I also got a pair of Puma sneakers. I saw Prada, Gucci, Mal. B's, and Chanel.
  7. Does anyone know if the baby paddies are on sale and what the sale price it?
  8. I saw two paddy's large and small. I know the small was 1000. I didn't the check the large one.
  9. Would the Gucci handbags be included in the pre-sale?
  10. Was in Saks, their Paddys are excluded from the sale...
  11. When I went to NM there were a lot of Gucci handbags on sale
  12. Gucci is on pre-sale at both Neimans and Saks, it usually goes quickly, so I'd head over there asap! I picked up a bag at Neimans - its the handbag "scarf" style in black with a black scarf with a brown horsebit detail.
  13. were they on sale at nm? 30 or 40% off?
  14. At NM in Boca Raton...there was an ENTIRE wall of Gucci, Chanel, Natalie Gonzales, Prada & more on sale...

    Saks exclued MANY major designers, but NM went nuts...I can't even say out loud how many bags I bought!!!!

    I did buy a pair of Miu Miu heals, Two pair of Gucci heals, Louboutin flats...I think the list went on...YIKES!:love:
  15. I LOVE Town Center! Ah, why do I have to live in DC now!