NM sale starts!!

  1. Wow! Thanks!

    How do you get on the list for "Best Customer"?
  2. I don't know. But I guess..if you shop there often and spend a certain amount of money?;)
  3. Thanks for the post!

    If you google "Neiman Marcus Best Customer", you can get there without being a big spender. that's what I do to keep an eye on things.
  4. Thanks!!! I was looking for this dress on nm.com this morning... it disappeared. Now I know where it went... and on sale too... yay!
  5. wow, lots paddingtons on there, sigh I don't want to pay that much money for it.
  6. oh man, this is goooood
  7. OMG! Thanks for the post!
  8. Just had my bag price adjusted - thank you thank you!!
  9. thanks for the post, got 2 cute dresses!
  10. Help! I'm addicted! I love so many of them. I already have more bags than closet space to hold them. Anyone know a cure?
  11. Thanks! Got a long theory cashmere dress and a pair of juicy wide-legged jeans(marked down to $62) for $200! And with code ACCESS, I got a free juicy tote:tup:
  12. Just ordered an Anna Sui top (i've been after this one for months!), Mint Dress, and Theory skirt (also been eyeing for forever and FINALLY dropped in price) for just under $300. Not bad.. It was reallllllyy hard to narrow it down, i think i may have to make another small order later. The free shipping is nice, too. Full price everything would have been over $800

  13. I just ordered something and created an account. I've been getting these e-mails ever since.
  14. thanks for sharing