NM Sale Shoes Link to Pictures

  1. Sorry this took me so long to post, I hope someone else posted and know one missed out! I was in Maui, and had very limited internet access....so thats why this is so late!

    here are pics of the shoes that went on sale at NM. Lots of Manolos and Louboutins. Notall styles were pictures, so give christine a call and she can help you out!

    Contact me SA Christine ,in Vegas she's the best and will ship tax free. Let her know Lacey sent yoU!

    Christinej75@aol.com, Cell 702-860-1537 store 702-731-3636

    She's at work thurs-sunday i believe, and its best to call her Cell, getting through on the NM phone is a pain!
  2. Wow, thanks for the photos! :nuts: Very nice of you to post this. I bought the Chanel slingbacks pictured in the second row. They're the perfect heel height and very comfortable.

    I see some awesome finds - must resist the urge to splurge!
  3. thanks so much for sharing!!! there are some pretty shoes here...
  4. Thanks for this! How can she ship it though tax-free?
  5. Just need a shipping address different from billing address.
  6. Yep she just ships to my work for me. And I put my receiptionists name on the package so it appears to be a "gift"
  7. thaks for the post!!until when is the sale??i'm heading out to vegas on sunday..
  8. The sale will continue for several weeks yet and further cuts will be taken, up to 65-70%, but obviously by then sizes and shoes will be sold out.

    I was lucky to find some Chanel and others this summer at Last Cut prices, but I wouldn't risk it if you really want something.

    Have fun in Vegas. I'm going over Christmas and hoping to find some deals on some shoes from other brands, but with my major Louboutin addiction I'm trying to resist until further cuts are taken. lol

    Thanks for the post shmoo! :tup:
  9. *thanks ashakes!!called nm,Saks and shoe-in in vegas no more CL's in my size:sad: so i'm stetting my eyes on a few manolo's..