NM Sale-Save An Additional 30% Off Reduced Prices For One Week-Ends November 25th

  1. check the stores, too - select regular-priced items at my store anyway are marked down an additional 40%!!
  2. just got a Rebecca Taylor winter coat for a great deal! thanks!
  3. ^^ooohh i may go check the stores...didnt realize it would be an additional markdown there too...

    I was told just last week they wouldnt have any markdowns for awhile since the sale just started and most everything (in contemporary anyhow) was on sale for 30% off?? but an additional 40%?? =)
  4. How do you get the additional 30% off? The item I'm looking at has been at the same sale price for a while (it's 30% off the regular price). When I put it in the basket, it just shows up at the 30% off price -- not an additional 30% off. Is there a code or something?
  5. No, I don't think so. I posted the link that I received...there was no code or any other information. I guess their ad is misleading, huh?:huh:
  6. It really is misleading. It's just the same sale prices. As far as I can tell, they aren't an additional 30% off.
  7. I just bought several items and got the extra discount. The items have to appear under the one week sale column.
  8. It automatically discounts an additional 30% after you put the items into your shopping cart. It has to be items from the sale section (in the original link at the top of this thread)
  9. i ordered a milly dress last week that is now additional 30% and they wouldnt price adjust! grrr.
  10. The 30% comes off when you add and item to your cart but only if the item is designated with a "one week sale" sign.
  11. Yay, I just ordered a set of Juicy top & pants for extra 30% off, total $126 w/ free shipping!:yahoo:
  12. ^^ some pieces seem to work with the extra 30% off.

    I placed one item from the "one week sale" though in my cart and it didnt take any additional off...the online chat guy wasnt too helpful either...

    the other item i ordered took the 30% off as soon as i placed it in my cart...so im not sure if some things havent been updated yet??
  13. thanks!!! i just picked up a coat i've been eyeing forever! the discount appeared after i put the item in my basket...
  14. If I were you I'd reorder it at the sale price and return the one you purchased! It's more work for them, but if they refuse to "adjust", that's too bad for them! OR.. a simple in-store return/repurchase... you SHOULD be able to get it if it was only one week ago you bought it... IMHO ;)