NM sale bags- did anyone get a shipping confirmation

  1. yet on the bags you ordered with the PRIVATE code?

    I'm wondering of my orders went through.:confused1:
  2. no, not yet sparkledust, and I can't get into my account to check .... hmmmm.
    Are you able to check your status online with your account?
  3. No I can't either, I think that the site is just slow due to all the traffic from the sale yesterday. I was able to see my order page this morning though, and it said "in process." I'm hoping that I'll get that Silverado hobo I ordered. :sweatdrop:
  4. it's going to take a couple days...
  5. i tried to access my account today and could not get through as well...hmmm

    hope you get the bags. i ordered an edith chloe then 2 days later they said it was cancelled due to depletion of stock and then a few days later i checked and it was available again...so now i am waiting to see if it comes!

    good luck! the last bag i ordered had no chloe dust bag or authenticity cards...that's unfortunate..
  6. I just checked again, and nothing online as far as updates.....
    Anyone else?
  7. my items shipped earlier this morning.
  8. I just called NM and my Chloe Iris Satchel shipped today and my Silverado Hobo will probably ship tomorrow-- I'll be glad when I get a confirmation on that hobo.:sweatdrop:
  9. I just chatted with them online and they said that my bag shipped today...
  10. YES! History is back up and my bag says shipped!
    Congrats to all that got amazing NM deals and shipping info. to confirm!!
    Post Pics when they arrive Girls!
  11. How long did the whole process take from the point of ordering to shipping? I ordered the same bag twice now as apparantely there was a problem withg my card the first time?!
  12. My bags say shipped!