NM sale bags! Chloe, Tod's

  1. the large edith is beautiful! i have it in my cart now! thanks!!!

  2. You're welcome-hope that you get it!:yes:
  3. All of these prices are lower today, although most are sold out.
  4. Gone! That was quick!
  5. Oh it was there for maybe 10 min at least...it took me time to link because I got a package and got distracted. LOL Sorry!

    That was over a $1000 off though! WTF?! I want $1000 off of one of my bags. LOL
  6. The Tod's is back at $675....
  7. They all are lower, so NM will give you a price adjustment as long as your purchase was within 10 days online.
  8. All gone!
  9. Is it just me or are you sick of these stores putting things back up. I mean I know it's great b/c somebody is getting a deal, but I'm not able to be online 24/7 and I find myself wondering, "damn it, am I missing a steal on NM online right now???" LOL instead of oh I don't know, taking a proper history and doing a physical exam.
  10. I know just what you are talking about!!! Just as I feel that I've bought the bags I am happy with (and some more just in case I end up liking them more when they come in the mail), I click "refresh" and there is yet another "great deal"!!! :smile: And yes, doing this b/w pts in clinic can be tough... :smile: Perhaps it is an addition of sorts and we actually need prof. help! :smile:
  11. Miss it all....Gone!
  12. Oh, the Debbie is so cheapppp! But it's gone already. :sad: