NM, Saks mini catalogs

  1. Don't know if anyone would be interested, but I have a bunch of small sized (7"x7" ish) Neiman Marcus and Saks catalogs with pretty pics of purses, shoes etc. You know, Chanel, Prada, Fendi, Chloe, etc. A friend brought them over to cheer me up during a family medical emergency :smile: , and I was going to recycle them, but then thought fellow purse lovers who don't live near NM and Saks might be interested in them. Sorry if this is a lame offer :worried: ....

    Anyhoo, let me know if you are interested, and I'll pop them in the mail for you with free shipping :biggrin: (only to continental US).
  2. oooh jenna are any of them recent? i love NM catalogues but i don't get them :sad:.....i'm actually catalogue obsessed, they're the only reason i check the mail.....
  3. Hey JC-

    I can't tell about the NM ones because they don't have dates (but are 2006), but the Saks one is for May 2006. Keep in mind these aren't the huge catalogs, but still nice. I love looking thru catalogs as well :smile:.

    Want 'em?
  4. i'd love them i looooooooove looking at bags this is soso great :shame:
  5. Cooll! I'm glad they are going to a nice home :smile: .

    Just pm me your address. Okay if I send them today, or do you want me to wait (till your exams are over, cause I don't want to distract you :biggrin: )?
  6. Jenna,
    You are so nice.
  7. awww thanks jenna......you can send them whenever is convenient for you....i have exams til the 12th and if they came before then i'd probably sit here reading them and not studying.....but probably woudln't make a difference since i should be studying now but i'm on the PF :lol:
  8. Thanks! No big deal :shame: . My friend cheered me up when she brought them over for me, and I guess I just wanted to forward the favor....
  9. My optical place gives me their chanel, gucci, etc...posters when they are done w/ them. I put the nice ones up in my walk in closet to admire. now that's lame!!!!