NM SA Update

  1. So for you ladies who gave me great advise on the rude NM SA who helped me this past Saturday...heres the update. Well I called my SA and left 3 messages, well by this point I'm over it, so I called the manager who was the nicest manager I have spoken with in a long time. I told her the situation and she apologized for everything. She is going to try and locate me a pair of Bruges that are not defective and she is going to speak with both SA's about the situation. So keep your fingers crossed for me that I get a great pair of shoes. I thought about just forgetting about the shoes but I love the style and I know I probably won't be able to find them again so I hope this all works out...I should get a call at the end of the day. I'll keep you posted.:tup:
  2. Update #2: So the manager called me today and they found one pair late last night and they are having them transfered in....thank the lord. She is also taking the pair that had the scuff to the repair department to see what they can do about it...she said "this way I can pick which pair I want." She is wonderful. I asked her if she got a chance to look at the defective ones and she that they are gone and they couldn't find them so she never got to see them. That is so strange...I hope someone didn't buy them...but that's probably what happened. I feel bad for that customer. So it'll be about 5 days before they come in....I am soooooooooooooo happy. Keep you fingers crossed for me that these are perfect...this is going to be my last chance to get the leather bruges I've wanted so bad. If anyone needs an amazing manager for Atlanta NM...just PM me. She is wonderful!!!!
  3. i was wondering what happened. I'm glad the manager is nice and she's helping u out. But what the heck is up with the sa's. I hate it when sa's stop caring and become rude. I'm glad it's gonna work out for u.
  4. Please Post Some Pics When They Arrive!!!!
  5. I will post pics when I get them. I'm not sure what's up with SA's, I'll be honest...I love NM but it is so hit and miss with SA's. I even told the manager that is one main reason I shop at Saks...I've never had a problem there. She told me that NM prides themselves on having the best customer service out of all the major department stores. When she called today, I thanked her and I told her I appreciated all she has done to help me out. It makes me wonder if SA's are rude because customers are rude to them? Not that it's any excuse but lord I know I have been around some customers that I would have loved to just pull them aside and tell them a thing or two about being polite to SA's. I guess it goes both ways...it's a shame though. The manager has redeemed NM in my eyes and for now on I'm going to go to her for any help I need. She's obviously the manager for a reason!
  6. That's awesome! :smile:

    I hope to build a reputation with an SA at NM here in San Francisco. I think the one that I bought 3 pairs of shoes from that was super nice to me during the last Last Call is no longer there as I haven't seen her the last couple of times I've gone. Usually I just see male SAs look at me, quietly smile, and keep walking. Not even a "Hello! Can I help you with anything?" I got awesome SA service at NM in Philadelphia and Boston though when I went to both of them.

    If I worked on commission though, I'd be all over anyone who walked in. I just have a feeling that I get some cold shoulders because I'm 30 and look like I'm 20 (see : "She couldn't possibly be buying anything here!") I know someone who got crappy service at a NM even though they didn't know that she's one of their biggest buyers (in the top 3!!) based on her appearance.
  7. Wow....I hope you can find a new SA. When I find a good one, I'm extremely nice to them and thank them and tell them I appreciate them...I have a feeling people don't do that much these days. Plus if they are great, I always ask for their card, I know that shows them that I want to work with them in the future. I'm sure some people are thinking...ooh whatever but it's true. I really think customer service is a two-way street. You get what you put out. :yes:
  8. Excellent idea. I'm going to ask for a card tomorrow when I'm at NM if I get great service. :smile:
  9. I knew if you spoke to the manager, they try to resolve the issue., NM has an excellent reputation for caring and meeting their guest expectations. And i am glad that ultimatly it all worked out... Hope you them soon!...
    I hope you got free shipping, :lol:
  10. I completely agree with TXGAGIRL. Customer service goes both ways. I worked customer service for quite a while during college, and people who think they can get what they want by yelling and threatening and being rude usually don't (unless that behaviour is justified by a problem they had with the item/service provided). SA's and CSR's are people too, and even though we're there to help you, that doesn't mean we can be stepped on or badly treated. Also, some customers don't understand company policies are something neither CSRs nor managers have any control over and still turn the tables as if we don't want to help. I'm not saying this is the case in your situation, I'm just saying it's good to hear from someone who appears to know that customer service, as well as many other things in life, is a two-way street!

    Congrats on finding your shoes, too!!
  11. Good luck TXGIRL! I feel for you and what you have had to go through just for this shoe.