Nm sa mia

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  1. I need a new NM SA that is good...I asked this same question a couple years ago and a very sweet member referred me to a wonderful SA in NJ..I made several purchases through her...I called early this week to make an order and was told she no longer worked there and would not tell me anything else..
    Anyways I am looking for a new SA--any names/numbers would be appreciated..Between me, my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law we are good and loyal customers..
  2. Does it have to be a NM SA? If you're still in NJ Michael at Riverside is fantastic and very knowledgeable (in fact I love all of the SAs at Riverside so if he isn't there you could ask for Fatima or Roxanne they are both fabulous as well).
  3. Thank you Bella--yes I would prefer NM SA b/c we are in OH and we dont have a NM so we get free taxes and points from this..I know I can call just anyone but we prefer a ref. of a great SA and we are extremeley loyal.
  4. *bumping* any ref's..?