NM return policy

  1. Does anyone know the return policy for NM? I have a purse to return, never carried. I just can't find the receipt or the NM tag that was in the inside pocket. Can I atleast get a gift card?
  2. unless they can find the transaction in their computer (with your credit card), they will not take it back.
  3. How long ago did you buy it? Do you have a regular SA? If you don't have a tag or a receipt, I think you need to start looking at alternatives...like selling it.
  4. What if it was a gift?? Not every purchase is made with a CC. Especially a place that only takes AMEX and checks.
  5. You took the tag off. There is no tag on the bag. You no longer have the tag. You have no receipt. How are they supposed to know the bag is from NM without one of those items? Also if you paid with cash, sorry, you need to cut your losses and sell it.
  6. I got it months ago. Maybe March. No regular SA. I though NM was like Nordstrom. You think I need to go the eBay route?
  7. Even with Nordies, you would need the tag or receipt or the card you bought it with. NM isn't return when you want, they do have a time limit unlike Nordies. However sometimes they will except the return if you ask nicely. But without any proof you bought it there, you need to put it on ebay.
  8. I try to keep recepits and like stuff together. I thought I was going to keep it but I have since changed my mind. I paid with a check. I can find a copy of the check. What can I say, I was in love with the bag - now I'm not.
  9. Ebay. I think that may be your best option w/o a receipt or tag.
  10. Thanks. I will do another search. I have a shredder, I really like to shread stuff - I'm dangerous.
  11. Usually you can take it back within 30 days.
  12. I would try to remember how you paid for it and ask them. Good luck!
  13. ^^ This thread is from 2007!