NM return policy?

  1. i returned a bag to NM about 10days ago and they said that they will send me a check since it is more than $500.
    they also said that it would take 7-10 days but i havent gotten it yet. I know its only been 10 days, but i am very anal about this things.
    do you girls know how long does it take them to issue a check?
  2. I did that a couple years ago. Actually I returned a $5000 Faberge egg and it took them TWO MONTHS to issue a check to me. It was a pain to follow up with them too.
  3. Is this because it didn't have a receipt?
    That seems ridiculous for electronic banking :wtf:
  4. 2 months? are you kidding me?
    do you think it was because it was for $5000?
    mine is not that much, so i hope it will not take that long.
  5. My experience with NM is they are slow. I returned a bag and it took them over 30 days to credit my card.
  6. No, mine had a receipt. The manager was pretty mad at me for returning the egg ...
  7. really...
    why sould he/she be mad....

    would return be faster if it is neiman's card? darn... i might have to open a Neimans cc then. i hate the idea, but they always have good stuff.
  8. What is Neimans return policy? I have a bag that is over 30 days, more like 40 days...never been used. Is it still possible to return?

    TIA~~ :flowers:
  9. They will take it back ANYTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks, Jill! :smile:

    I've never returned anything at Neimans before so I wasn't sure, I think Saks has like a 60 day return policy or something.
  11. Is the return policy different at NM online vs. at a store.

    When you say that they'll take it back anytime, surely you don't mean "used" do you?!?!?
  12. From what I've been told my my old SA, supposedly one year(or was it 180 days? I can't remember now). I want to say one year. I believe there is info about it on the website under store return policy or something like that. You should have all your tags and receipt, though, unless the item is defective.
  13. You should have no problem.
  14. I had an issue one time w/ a handbag and it had only been 2 months. It actually looked brand new.
    I didn't want to drive all the way back to NM so I called to make sure they'd return it and they pretty much acted like they would not.
    They said maybe they could have it repaired, but I wanted to return it altogether as I was afraid the same little issue would just happen again :sad:
    Never did return it, didn't want to drag the bag in and get turned away.
  15. For NM.com (online) it is 30 days.