NM repairs runined my turnlock hobo from a few years back . .can I get one anywhere?

  1. I spilled bug spray on my small hobo that I believe is from the 2004 collection, it looks like this bag except it is violet:


    Anyway, I sent it to Neiman Marcus repairs, and they informed me they could redye the bag for $55, and it could be fixed. I received it back yesterday, and it looks terrible, the color is completely different, much darker, the leather is no longer soft, and worst of all the spot looks shiny, almost like someone painted it and the dye is coming off. I much preferred my bug spray stained pretty violet bag. :cursing: They are calling me back to let me know if they can fix it, but I am doubtful. Does anyone know where I can find this bag? I am assuming eBay is my only option :sweatdrop: -- but maybe it is still available somewhere?
  2. oh no! That's awful... I can't believe they did that. I wouldn't have allowed them to do that unless it was with a reputable cobbler(lovinmybags, artbag, moda express). Too late now.... yes, your next option is to check eBay, although I rarely see violet, mostly the dusty pink, black, and seafoam colors. Violet happens, but you've got to keep your eyes peeled for a while.
  3. Dang, I broke 7,000 posts 5 posts ago and didn't even realize it.
  4. That sucks! I hope they find it and/or you find one soon! That is so terrible!

  5. Yes--I wish I would have gone to a better cobbler, but I figured since it was Neiman Marcus they knew what they were doing :cursing: At the store they told me they send MJs for repairs all the time. I spoke w/ the repair center last week, and they told me to send it back and they will try to fix, I am doubtful they will be able to, but if they cannot they are going to give me a store credit for the amount I paid. Still not great, but at least I can buy something else.
  6. store credit is great! I'm glad they can compensate you that price even though they damaged your bag. I hope you find a nice new bag!