NM Repair Ruined my HG!

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  1. Words cannot describe how upset I am right now. I've been a Chanel fan for about 3 years. My love for Chanel started when I discovered TPF. The first Chanel bag I ever laid my eyes on was the Neiman Marcus Exclusive Patent Blush Flap. At the time, I was 19 (now I'm 22) and I wanted the bag so much. Some of you may recall, I was the girl that managed to buy the last patent blush flap in the system. But when it arrived, I realized that there was a visible pen mark on the flap, and disappointed, I immediately went back to NM and returned it. The flawed bag ended up in the hands of a reseller and was eventually sold to another person at a much higher price point. Fast forward a year or so, I started acquiring other Chanel bags but the holy grail patent blush flap never slipped my mind. Through the help of Pfers, I was given a second chance and managed to score once again, the Chanel bag I've always wanted and this time, the bag was perfect!

    However, a month ago, I turned in my HG patent blush flap to NM Palo Alto for repairs. I had just come back from Vegas with BF and had noticed that there were slight color transfers on parts of the chain and a very small slight cracking stain/color transfer on the side of the flap. I was worried and it was the 3d time I had taken my bag out to be used. It took over a year to even cut off the tags and wear it. I figured it's my favorite bag, I should enjoy it. Anyway, I knew that any stains that penetrated through the patent leather would be difficult to fix, however, nonetheless, I turned to NM to see if they can do anything about it. Three weeks ago, I received a call from Chanel Repairs and they told me that they could not fix it. I accepted the fact and told them to please ship it back to NM Palo Alto where I will pick it up. The rep also had told me that it will take a week for the bag to arrive. So then I waited for two weeks for the manager of repairs in NM Palo Alto to call me so I can pick up the bag. I never got a call. So just this past Sunday, I called and left a voicemail addressing my concerns about where my bag might be. The manager immediately called me back the next day to tell me that the bag had just arrive! I was absolutely delighted to just get my bag back..until..now.

    Tonight is the second time I drove to NM Palo Alto. I live in San Francisco and the city of Palo Alto is a good 30-45 minute drive, depending on traffic. I drove down yesterday but NM and almost the whole city of Palo Alto was closed due to an airplane crash that hit the electricity power lines thus causing the city to have no electricity so NM was not opened. I drove back to SF empty handed yesterday. So today, just this evening, I figured I try my luck and pick up my HG. Long story short, when I went into NM to pick up my bag, my jaw dropped. Tears came out of my eyes..just talking about it is upsetting. I found pen marks on the front of my bag. Parts of the patent had these darkening stains. My bag looks worse than before. My bag wasn't like this before!! The sales associate that took my bag out informed me that the repairs manager was off. She said that she will notify her and will have her contact me. I'm absolutely upset and pissed off and really sad over this. :crybaby:I'm not sure what kind of options they will give me. I'm most certainly too upset to even want to drive down again to see the manager tomorrow. It's intimidating enough to be a 22 year old walking inside NM but to have to deal with this kind of situation. I'm so disappointed and never thought this would happen. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know. I'm so terribly afraid that the manager will not do anything for me....how in the world can they fix my bag now!?

    Lastly, I want to thank you. If you've read my story this far, I really appreciate it. :heart: Thank you for listening.
  2. kuriso ~ I read your whole story and I'm so sorry this happened. My only advice is to demand an exchange for another bag, store credit, or a refund. Don't accept anything less. If you have photos of the bag before you sent it in for repairs, bring those along. Given how they ruined your bag, they should be treating you like royalty tomorrow.
  3. :cry: I'm not quite sure to say. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience at NM. Have you tried contacting their General Manager? Did you sign a contract when you dropped your purse off? Thank you for posting. NM-Palo Alto is my home store. :hrmm:
  4. Omg, I am so, so, so sorry!!! :hugs: I remember your original bag post and knew this post was going to be about the blush patent Jumbo. :crybaby: I cannot believe NM screwed up so royally... it's like adding insult to injury to return a bag in WORSE condition than you left it... wow. :wtf: About being intimidated, please do not be... age isn't a factor. The fact is, you have every right to be livid, hysterical and anything in between... and they had better bend over backwards for you... anything less is just unacceptable.

    What are you thinking you might do? I'm sure they might offer you a refund... but the question is, could you take it? Would you take it? I feel like they should give you a store credit for x amount of dollars even IF you keep the bag (I realize this may not happen, but wth)... to compensate you for their carelessness (to say the least) in this situation. Again, I'm so sorry! Please let us know what happens!! :hugs:
  5. I would request that they find you another bag! They definetly messed up if your bag keeps coming back worse! So sorry that this happened to you!
  6. OMG, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I would go into that store and DEMAND this problem be addressed. Like fieryfashionist said, don't let your age discourage you. You are a mature person and only want what is fair- for NM to take care of this!!! Before you go in, you need to decide if you want a refund, credit, etc, so that you can demand it (in a nice, appropriate manor)...and don't leave the store until you get it!!! Good luck!
  7. :hugs:This is so terrible...You have every right to be upset and demand for some form of service recovery. Sorry this happened to yr HG!
  8. kurison, I'm soo sorry about the NM repair result!! NM's repair center also managed to turn part of white patent to pink on a limited edition (1 bag per store type of LE) Gucci Boston Joy, it was the only Gucci I really enjoy. You have every right to demand the store to compensate for their mistake, take someone with you for support. Hope they can live up their CS reputation, and provide you with a satisfy solution :flowers:
  9. ::Kuriso:: Im so sorry to hear about this! I think bfali is right. Since they've already done the unthinkable, u have to be objective when u see nm, know ur possible options and what u r willing to accept.
  10. Something similar happened to my aunt's flap and she was so upset. Luckily, she has a good relationship with the manager and they offered her a store credit (not the full amount though) and at the same time she gets to keep the purse. She just had it refurbished somewhere else and was able to get a new purse from Chanel.
  11. I am so sorry to hear that !! I can really feel the sadness as i read it. I hope everything works out in the end!! :hugs:
  12. Yikes! So sorry to hear about this! Let us know how it goes. Don't be afraid, you are a paying customer and the bag is LE (sorry if I'm making you more upset by saying this) and they screwed up - big time! Good luck!!
  13. you have to be firm and assertive, demand for a refund/exchange, tell them you want to speak with someone higher; district manager or whoever
  14. Try writing to the NM corporate office. The customer relations department should be able to advise or offer help. They usually have more authority in terms of compensation.
  15. This is my first post (hello!) but I've been a long time viewer but I've never taken the leap to sign up BUT....

    A similar thing happened to me a few years ago!!!

    I bought a white patent leather chanel at NM in ATL and it started to discolor into a yellowish color within 3 months!! So I took it to Chanel in Florida where I live and was told they could not repair it and to take it NM instead. Then after months of waiting, NM (in Florida) calls me to pick up the bag and I was told they could not repair it either.

    I went home very disappointed only to notice blue pen marks alongside the top of the bag!!!! It looked as though they wrote on carbon paper on top of the bag and the writing transfered.

    I was 23 at the time and the NM is a 2 hour drive for me so I called them only to have the SA chew me out for even sending that bag for repairs since I should have known it would discolor and that it was my fault for buying such a bag (OMG)!!! Plus I could not get a refund since it's been over a year since I purchased it (even though it was in 'repairs' for 7 months)!

    I was very upset with how I was treated and the way my bag came back in such a condition. So I wrote a letter to corporate and eventually had my money refunded.

    After reading your story I had to post! I'm sorry that happened to you and I totally understand how you feel!!! I wanted to keep my bag too but seeing it just reminded me about this whole experience and I opted to let it go~

    Hope things work out for you...