NM rant

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with NM and BG. Two days ago, I ordered a pair of MB sandals online. The website said they were in stock. I called today wondering what was going on since the order was still showing up "In Process". The lady said that there was a hold on my order and that when it got resolved, the shoes were out of stock and that the estimated shipping date is October 22nd! I was PISSED beyond believe. They didnt say what the hold was, just that is was an "order inquiry".

    If you say an item is in stock, I expect it to be in stock! It is not my freaking fault you people are slow! That's what I wanted to tell her. It is a sale item so I'm not really sure if I'll get them at all!

    The one time I ordered form BG I had sort of the same problem and they had to place the stupid order twice! Thank goodness they shoes were still in stock then.

    OK, off the soapbox now.

  2. yeah I ordered something, realized I had the wrong address.. called immediately then a week later they say oh it was cancelled bc of the wrong info :sad: Then it was sold out!
  3. Well, nevermind that they TOLD me the order would be shipping on the 22nd! I just got an email saying they cancelled my order because of problems with my credit card. I am FUMING!

    They are the ONLY company that has problems with my credit card! Not once but twice now, out of two orders. I'd say that's a crappy score! I'm inclined to think THEY are the problem, not my credit card. I am pissed beyond belief!

    According to the website, the sandals are back in stock but, quite frankly, I don't know if I wanna go through all this again!

    People spend lots of money with them, you'd think they'd have better service!

  4. I feel your pain. I'm officially in a fight with BG, because they are a bunch of a$$holes. Pretentious ones, too.
  5. I have to say, in general, I've been MUCH happier with Saks, and I try to take my business to them over BG and NM as much as I can!
  6. Ok ladies...we all know how much NM makes me mad. I'm seriously considering starting a support group thread. I never have problems with Saks...but NM, holy you have no idea the issues I have. I had the same problems with CL's from them. I could never get them. All three pairs had issues. The manager finally told me that they are dealing with the "growing pains of CL" because he has exploded in the past year and is now using some new factories that have not been turning out good work. Sad...very sad...considering the shoes cost $770 before tax. Why does NM have so many issues? I'm open to any fun explanation. Sorry JUNEHAWK about your shoes...try Saks.
  7. Perhaps it has something to do with their recent acquisition by the investor group Warburg Pincus about 2 years ago. I can see the differences in BG also, although the customer service there is still superb. I recall in the past that if you ever had a problem with anything at BG, the sales reps would bend over backwards to help you, offer a refund or exchange. The emphasis has certainly shifted from customer service and loyalty to profits and margin improvement.
    I also remember when the sales associates had a more personal relationship with the customers, ie taking customers out to lunch, etc. I haven't had that invitation in a while.
  8. I have had issues with Neimans too. I had to order CL very prives three times because once they sent the wrong shoe and the next time, the shoe was dented and the patent leather was wrinkled. I ended up returning all of them in the end. I'm usually dissatisfied with the service at NM (online and in the stores). I usually find the SAs very snooty. Saks, on the other hand is usually helpful and I too, try to take my business there.
  9. It really is a love/hate thing with Neimans because on the one hand, they carry exquisite clothing that SAKS doesn't (or more of one designer) but on the other hand, the SAs are extremely pretentious and act as if they are the ones doing the shopping and spending! I prefer to give my business to SAKS but if I have to go to Neimans I call a store outside of Beverly Hills. I refuse to give them my money.
  10. I decided to place the order again, I used a different credit card from a different bank. Today I got an email saying the same thing, they cancelled my order because of problems with my credit card. I don't think so! It is not possible that they have problems with 3 different credit cards on 3 different occasions. I wonder what is really going on! I'm very upset and I don't know what else to do! The customer service people do not tell me what the problem is but I do not think it's the credit card. A couple of days ago I checked the credit card online and the hold was there so no problems on my side. I think it's them and they won't admit it.

    I am giving up on the shoes, they are just not worth it!

  11. NM.com about ruined christmas for me three years ago. long story but it involved my items not arriving on time, and me having to run out in the evening on dec. 23 to buy gifts, and missing my mani/pedi! thankfully i was able to get in the next day but what woman has time for a mani/pedi christmas eve day! anyway, i sent an e-mail to NM customer service. the manager wrote me back and gave me a $250 gift card!

    btw, isn't NM.com and BG.com basically the same? the return address is the same.
  12. Saks in NY is actually great, but we don't have an NM in the city itself. They have a lot of stuff in the store that's not on the website.

    Yep, NM and BG are owned by the same company. I swore off NM after they actually sold my pre-sale bag a day later to someone else and then wouldn't apologize nor give me a discount on something else, but I've made a few exceptions when there's a deal too good to pass up!
  13. I have never bought anything online from any of the three mentioned.

    A great SA is everything. Not all NM SAs are bad, and not all Saks SAs are great.

    Unless there is a change in how I am treated, although I dislike Beverly Hills, my NM SA will ALWAYS get my business.
  14. I have had it with NM. I placed an order for Manoloes on Sept.24th and a couple days later it was still processeing, so I contacted them and they said they would ship right away. Fine. They didn't , at least I didn't get an update so I contacted them again. I told them I was going into the hospital for a few days and didn't want it left on my porch. They refunded the shipping and said they would give me 2nd day. OK. So I waited yet another 2 days. Again no shoes and no updates. Finally on Oct. 10 I tell them to cancell the order because I don't want to have it left here. They don't. The next day I get a shipped notice. I waited. Never got the shoes. Finally after I got out of the hospital I contacted them again because now I have gotten the credit card statment which shows they never even charged me until OCT.8th. So I contacted them again and. I have no shoes, but I better have a refund in the next 2 days. I swear they could have just said it was out of stock to begin with. This has been going on for a month now, and it's ridiculous!!!:rant: I'm gonna write another letter to them.
  15. I will never order from BG again because it takes them over a month to process a return! Ridiculous for a large, high-end department store. And, the only reason I'll purchase from NM online is because I can go to the store and return the item. Also, the BG online & phone customer service is completely useless.