NM & Purse Style

  1. Hi!

    I need everyone's help... I think I want a purse-style B-bag. BUT I want to buy it from NM so I can get points on my NM card. Could everyone please post what colors they have recently seen the purse style in at their local NM? Please also let me know which store you saw the bags at!

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I would call Cathy at NM in Scottsdale. She told me all the bags they had in a couple weeks ago and they had the Purse. I am not sure what they have now, but her number is:1-800-937-6379 ext 2094.:smile:
  3. Hi Wicked. I have seen the purse style in stock at NM Fashion Valley San Diego. I cannot recall colors...I was in the store three weeks ago or so (SA Ricky or Jason)... NM San Francisco may have it as well (SA Whitney)... Or you could try calling Lisa at NM Troy MI... OMG...I have worked with too many NM SAs...
  4. NM denver has grenat purse that looks real pretty.
    they MIGHT have other colors (except rogue vif) in purse style, however, when i went there, i did not pay much attention to the other color but grenat.