NM Private Shopping Night, Gucci sale?

  1. Has anyone ever bought Gucci bags at the PSH? I'm planning to go if Gucci handbags are included! Saw a really cute princy there the other day :drool:
  2. You should call and ask the salesperson. If its on sale, you should ask SA to hold one for you.
  3. But I don't know any SA there :shrugs:
  4. Helloo.....

    I went to NM on weekend and my SA said...it';s gonna be the lower end handbags that's gonna be on sale....
    maybe we should wait for the Gucci sale itself :smile:

    what bag are u looking for ?
  5. Thanks for the info, deslynx!

    I have my eyes set on the Guccissima princy boston for a long while, but saw the silver Guccissima princy small hobo during the weekend. They are both so cute... wish I have all the dough to take them all home.

    So, it's still worth going? I can't wait for the Gucci sales too.
  6. Just an FYI
    I have seen the Princy Boston in Black and Brown Guccissima a few times recently on Bluefly.com

    I have it in white and love it... It is such a great bag.

    Good luck.
  7. It's the white one I want. Yours is beautiful!
  8. I called my Neiman's yesterday and Gucci is not on sale :crybaby:. Guess I'll have to wait til June.
  9. I went to the PSH here, and they only had Chloe, Be&D, Dolce and Gabbana, and Marc by Marc on any sort of sale. Very sad.
  10. Heard about that and decided not to go. Save my money for the Gucci sale in a few weeks! Can't wait :nuts:
  11. I need to slow my shopping down. I've bought way too many Gucci items in the past 1.5 weeks.LOL