NM Private Sale Link.....

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  1. gucci, chloe, etc... tons of good stuff!
  2. [​IMG]Oh good god..I like this one...errr........
  3. Except the Prada sale selection SUCKS!! LOL...None of the Prada I wanted is on sale...sniff!!!...!!
  4. OMG!!! Thank you!!
  5. You are a gem, Jem!

    I have my eyes on a couple of goodies. Good looking out!

    Many thanks!
  6. are the prices on the gucci bags more expensive than through the gucci boutique sale itself?
  7. Thank you! just ordered a bunch of prada shoes! :biggrin:
  8. nvm the prices are only 30 off on NM. gucci is 40 off (for leather bags of course)
  9. These sales are killing me:biggrin: but so much I need to buy at the same time. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the link =) I'm glad I didn't find anything that caught my eyes, but it's a really nice sale though =) Happy shopping everyone!
  11. Thanks! I am going on vacation tomorrow and never would have seen the great stuff on sale!
  12. Wow thanks for the link! Hopefully I won't spend anymore, I'm already picking up more than I can carry at all these pre-sales.
  13. Browsing now...
  14. Can anyone see anything under handbags or jewelry? I've been trying to access those sections all morning!
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