Nm Private Sale!!! Gucci, Chloe, Prada, Fendi!

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  1. ok gals, this is what most of yall have been waiting for...the NM DESIGNER sale...its here.....

    heres the link for the PRIVATE SALE before it goes PUBLIC!

    Private Sale - Neiman Marcus Online

    they have guccis, fendi B bag in white, prada bags, chloe bags..etc you get the point!

    happy shopping!

    I just got a gold gucci makeup bag and dior gaucho pumps on sale :smile:

    oh yeah manoloes on sale too!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. thanks for sharing!

    how long will this last, do you know?
  3. ^^^ i doubt very long...considering there is going to be alot of hits on this thread now muahah. But I think NM.com normally does a private sale which lasts 1-2 days before it goes public.

    Of course all of the good things/sizes will go quick.
  4. thanks for the link....I got a Tod's bag and also the gucci cosmetic bag.
  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing! There are some incredible bags on sale!
  6. your welcome luvtoshop and valerieb, glad to know there are still people considerate enough to say THANKS, even tho there is over 150 views LOL....
  7. I WANT EVERYTHING! I can't handle the excitement. I'm going to sleep. make me proud, ladies!
  8. People are probably too busy looking and ordering.. I didn't get anything but thanks for the link!
  9. ahhhh thank you sooo much for posting this!
  10. Wow, this is awesome, thank you for sharing this.
  11. thanks~
  12. Thanks>> Great Stuff
  13. Thank you lv1011.

    :drool: The Zucca Palazzo Tote is tempting..

  14. Same here.
  15. dear lv1011:
    thank you so much!!!
    got the bag/shoes i've been eyeing for a while.

    Happy Holidays,