Nm Private Night Shoes on sale Again Sundsay after Thanksgiving

  1. thanks
    oooo my wow...i dont even know where to spend my $ now. i am gonna have to create a spending strategy guide for next week
  2. Brilliant! thank you!
  3. this is so bad for my wallet. i already spent way too much on shoes during the sale last week :push:
  4. Do you mean they will be on sale the day after Thanksgiving, which is 11/23 or on Sunday, 11/25? Thanks so much for posting!
  5. I believe its 11/25, not sure why they are doing SUnday...but I'll verify with Christine again. I need to email her about shoes, so I'll check and let everyone know.

    But I am pretty sure its Sunday.
  6. It's the 25th that the actual sale starts. I got an e-mail from Christine earlier Lacey and she said it was the 25th. I've already got a list of shoes I want this is gonna be bad! I remeber for the one day sale no louboutins were marked down I wonder which will be included this time
  7. are they doing presale again?
  8. Coooool! I missed this last time and i was sooo bummed out! Thanks so much for sharing your SA!!!
  9. Are there going to be any louboutins on sale this time?
  10. I think whatever shoes were on sale for the one day, will be on sale again. I think she can find the shoes for presale for you so she has them, she' sgreat about that.

    Shell be sending more info as soon as she gets updated on all the shoes, and I'll post when I get it.