Nm Private Night Shoes Going on Sale Sunday after Thanksgiving and More!

  1. Hey everyone..if you missed the shoes from private night on the 7th, I just talked to Christine and they will all be going on sale again the day after thanksgiving, definately at 30% some maybe at 40%


    That link has the link to her photo album.

    Also there should be more shoes, so once i get the new updated album I'll post.

    But definately get on her shoe email list she's the best and is fabulous!


    cell 702-860-1537
    wrok 702-731-3636 ext 2168

    Best to reach her by cell or email!

    Let her know Lacey sent you.
  2. Oh boy. If I bought shoes on the 7th and they're marked down to 40%, do you think she'll give me an adjustment? She hasn't been very responsive to my emails. :s
  3. I am sure she would. I think she thought it'd be more boots that would go 40%. She's usualy very good about responding to Thurs-Sun. She's working, so she's not as speedy. I'd email again, just in case it went to spam :smile: