NM Private Night Sale - November 7, 2007

  1. Neiman Marcus has their private night sale twice annually in the late spring and late fall. The sale is (usually) for one day only. Current season full price merchandise is discounted for a certain percentage for that day only. The next day, the items go back to full price and are no longer discounted. In the past, designer merchandise has been discounted by up to 40%. Percentages off vary by department. Items on the web may be included as well.
  2. I LOVE their private sales! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Does anyone know which brands are excluded??
  4. :sos: uh-oh. That's the same day the Half-Yearly sale starts at Nordies....I could be in for a WORLD of trouble that day!
  5. Do we need to use coupons or invitation to get the discount?
  6. thanks for the post!
  7. No, It is open to the public.:tup:

    Quick Question: Does first call start the day after?
  8. thanks for the post! know what brands are included?
  9. :yahoo:Anyone knows the pre-sale date? It's always a mad house if you go on that date.
  10. Yay! :yahoo: I am so excited, but does anyone know if we wanted to purchase online would we need a code in order to get the discount online?
  11. I usually get something in the mail about it. If I do, I'll post it. Thanks for the heads up too. Last time they had a dvf dress I passed up but not this time!
  12. yes! if someone can post about which brands are excluded and when pre-sale begins for the private sale, that'd be great! :yahoo:
  13. i believe pre-sale starts the thursday or wed on the week before. In the past the SA dont know what's going to be on sale until that day, so just pick out watever you want, have them hold it until thursday and if its not on sale you dont have to buy it.
    But i agree...if you go on that night it is horrible.
  14. i've never pre-saled at NM, only Saks. Like Saks, will they hold it until the 7th with my cc info and run my cc on the 7th? or will they just place it on a regular hold?
  15. They hold it until the 7th and run the purchase on the 7th, so yep they need payment info. I dont know if you can put it on regular hold...i kind of doubt it.