NM Preview of their Sale Shoes Nov 7th Only-Link to photos

  1. Here is a link to the shoes that are going on sale at NM, mY SA Christine in Las Vegas is amazing if you want anything she'll send to you tax free. All shoes in the pics below are going 30% off or more.

    Sale is for November 7th only!

    Christinej75@aol.com or 1-800-288-7741 ext 2168

    Shes great because she always emails If you talk to her tell her Lacey sent you.

  2. wow, thanks for sharing! lots of cute shoes!
  3. what a great post! especially excellent with the pics & prices... thanks!:tup:
  4. Thanks for posting!! Damn you have a GREAT SA! Next time I'm in Vegas I'll have to stop by and meet her. :smile:

    Luckily nothing on there was on my "obsessed with" list. :smile: I wouldn't mind the CL graffiti ballet slippers though if they fell into my lap. :smile:
  5. thanks!!!
    those are CUTE SHOES!
  6. oh wow what a fantastic SA! do the prices go back up to normal after one day??
  7. ^ Yes, they go back to their normal price tomorrow.
  8. schmoo88, what a fantastic post! Thanks so much for posting. I'm seriously debating picking up a couple of pairs, and if I do, I'll be sure to tell your SA you sent me!
  9. thank you so much for sharing!
  10. ya she's great she found all the shoes for me i wanted in size 35.5! So she works hard....she alway sends pics of sales shoes, so even if there isn't something you want now drop her an email and get on her list. She's fabulous. And she corresponds really well through email.
  11. Right On!

    Thanks, Shmoo! :flowers::woohoo:
  12. thanks Lacey! I spread the word about her in the Deals&Steals section :tup:

    I emailed her this morning and she was super fast getting back to me!
  13. What a fab SA! I think I may call her about a few items, thanks so much for sharing!
  14. wow, great deals!
  15. Thanks Lacey! I bought something from Christine today. She's so sweet!