NM presale for Last Call just started...DEALS!

  1. Hi, all. The instore presale at NM just started for Last Call sale, beginning next Wednesday. I found some major bargains; Stuart Weitzman sexy black pumps for $110, down from $245 and a black Juicy dress at $62, down from $178. There were tons of DVF dresses (all sizes and many new styles that haven't been on sale month after month), and huge selections of Tahari, Theory, DKNY and others. Purses weren't so great, but if you like Dior, there were denim Gauchos. You put them on hold now, but can't pick up until Wednesday, when the sale officially starts. You don't have to have an NM card (although they only take that and Amex) or an invitation to do the presale. The racks are clearly marked "Presale in progress". All the good stuff I saw today was at NM Northpark in Dallas. Good luck!:tup:
  2. is that for stuff that has already been marked down or is are they new mark downs?

    I thought all the NM sales were over?
  3. Fashion Island CA already shipped all of their sales inventory out of the store.

    Perhaps it is select stores?
  4. The NMs in the Northeast have finished Last Call as of at least a week ago. My SA told me that they stage the sales geographically so that the stores in the North get the sales first in the summer, and second during the winter - so we here in the DC area will get the winter Last Call after the South. Not sure if that is totally accurate but that's what they have told me for years.

    Happy Hunting!:nuts:

  5. About 1 1/2 - 2 weeks ago, my SA called to see if there was anything left that I would want and told me they were shipping out the last call items to other stores the next day, it is finished here in FL, so what was remaining went out to other stores for their sales. I believe they do stage it geographically.
  6. OK, that would make sense of why there were so many new pieces (new to this store, I mean) on final markdown. I've been stalking alot of the stuff from First Call and no new merchandise had shown up until yesterday. So we must have gotten what was left of the East Coast's inventory. I have to say that the amount of choices and size range was impressive!
  7. mkdallas are you located in texas?
  8. Presale on now at the Honolulu store, with pickup on Aug. 1 or after.

    They had the Chloe Bowler in black for like $560 from $1660, but wow, that bag is huge!!

    Other than that, not a great selection - some Koobas, an odd Fendi that resembled a paper lantern with the strips that you cut out as a kid...some Grysons....

    I have definitely never seen that Fendi before, so it is shipped from somewhere. I just find it amazing they ship it here...seems so costly...and then ship it back if it doesn't sell!
  9. I live in San Antonio, Texas and our Last Call starts Tuesday. The pre-sale started last week. We also got more handbags in from other stores. The week before there was only one sale table, now there are two. I did a pre-sale for a MJ banana hobo for $402. :yahoo: I can't wait to pick it up!
  10. I was gonna post this also. I stopped by on Friday and presold the stuff that I has been waiting for... Can't wait to pick it up ! ! !
  11. Oh thank god I'm back in dfw for the rest of summer, it looks like I have somewhere to be tomorrow morning :whistles:

  12. Do you know which grysons they had, by any chance was this one there??? TIA....

  13. No, sorry, did not see that one. A more structured bag that was squarish/rectangular, and a very large tote with large strap but no outside pockets. Never saw that one before. It was really lovely but very heavy!!
  14. Ok, thanks:smile:!