NM Premier & Designer Handbag SALE

  1. Thanks for your link.
  2. does anybody know when the last cut is? Is it this friday? or that's the alleged second cut? i'm confused :sad:

    SO MANY NEW ADDITIONS!! should i wait, or should i purchase???
  3. I think it's the second cut already :smile:
  4. But NM adjusted some prices three times already.
  5. How do you find out about these "best customer" sales? is there a list I can get on where i get email notifications? or do you just have to do some kind of search?
  6. thanks for posting! :wlae:
  7. does anyone know if NM does price adjustments? i picked up an anthracite (sp?) whistle bbag today for $5xx. 25% off the $771 that was the price during the pre-sale and for the past few weeks. but i also picked up another bag during the pre-sale. i forgot to ask today when i was there.
  8. NM does price adjustments within 10 days of purchase. I have tried to get them to give me a price adjustment on a muse I bought online during presale and they won't do it because the 10-day period has passed. Please let me know if you have any luck getting them to give you a price adjustment after 10 days! I have run out of ideas!