NM pre-sale - guess what i found?!

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  1. ...an AQUA MED MATELASSE :yahoo:

    It's a pre-sale, so I'll have to take pictures when I get her next week. I can't wait!

    FYI - it was marked down to $1200 from the $1790. They still had one French Blue and a bunch of the large brown ones
  2. Congratulations! I think the aqua looks beautiful in the matelasse. :tup: Be sure to post photos when she arrives!
  3. Congrats!!!! Is this a pre sale at all NM for all balenciagas, or how does this work??
  4. OMG, that sounds beautiful!:love: Congrats!:yahoo:
  5. :woohoo: Congrats, the Mat is stunning in Aqua! Please post pics when it arrives!
  6. Wow, what a bargain. I can't wait to see pics!
  7. No darn way!!!! :cursing: I bought mine last week at NM on impulse (as always) for $1785.00 plus tax!!!!! They are closed today, but, I am so going to make my way there tomorrow for a price adjustment. Darn, thats enough to cover 1/2 of another bag!!!! Sheesh!!!! :sweatdrop: Here's mine.....

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  8. Ooh noooo, I'm sure they'll do the price adjustment tho! She's such a beauty :heart:

    Congrats jadedgrl and Purse-Ooooh:wlae:
  9. There was also one at Houston NM the other day when I called if anyone is interested!
  10. I stopped by Neimans Houston yesterday. They had 2 Aquas and 2 Blueberry (I think they were Blueberry) with silver hardware. The colors were absolutely stunning!!!!! Really great markdowns. They also had a few small but long black bags. I'm not sure what they were. The ends pulled into the center and locked. That was it for Bbag sale items.

    They had quite a few 2007 non-sale bags. Aqua City with GH, Periwinkle not sure what bag it was but it was bigger than City maybe a Weekender. SA brought that one out from the back. There were quite a few colors and styles that were so beautiful!
  11. ^^^
    they have it in french blue as well @ nm houston.
  12. Purse-Ooooh - I hope you get the price adjustment - I think it's perfectly reasonable to ask for that!!
  13. I probably saw the French Blue not Blueberry like you mention. I'm not good with all the blue color names. The bag and color was stunnning!:heart:

  14. Congrats!!! I also couldn't resist and purchased the FB Maltese:yahoo::yahoo:. It's a pre-sale that starts next Thursday. MadiandCindy- they ask for your NM card and will not charge until the day of the sale so we have to wait until then:nuts: to pick-up.(torture!)
  15. oh that bag is GORGEOUS!
    so happy you got such a Great deal
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