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  1. hello, i was there 20 minutes ago..this is what i took pics of..i didnt get to take pics of the pink display but they had :

    bubble gum in every style and a magenta SGH city..wallets w/ gsh in every color,

    they had 2 Bouton D'or bags (a first and a makeup?)

    tons of BLUES...a *1* electric blue RH city

    no coral...



  2. Is that a Violet Sphere? Great pics and thanks for the update.
  3. Are you sure it was a first in Bouton d'or? The sa found none in their system.
  4. yes it was a neon yellow first! my bf even said he liked it which i thought was weird and i tried it on....
  5. Thanks for the pics and the info.
  6. Thanks for the pictures!! :yes:
  7. omg there's a makeup?!?!?!
  8. It's a Shoulder not a makeup. Just came back from there.NM doesn't have any Makeups in their inventory. :crybaby:
  9. is that a sky blue shoulder? :smile:
  10. No, Turq
  11. did they have a red GSH money wallet??
  12. Not out. They may have more in the back? They pulled out an Ocean 1st today
  13. *blush* I just bought the last coral city yesterday at 12 30pm.

    And yes, the yellow first was bouton d'or. I never realized it was THAT bright and florescent!!!
  14. They also had 1 Anthracite GGH Hobo. IF anyone calls looking for it. Tell the SA it's in the glass showcase facing the sunglasses on the right.