NM or Boutique at Shorthills Mall ?

  1. I am MOST DEFINITELY buying either a jumbo flap or medium flap before the price increase (can someone please verify the CONFIRMED date? :yes: i know some say its sept 28 and others say nov 1):confused1:

    This will be my VERY FIRST CHANEL, i have used my mommy's in the past, but this will be MINE, ALLLLL MINE:yahoo:, so... i want to find a helpful SA who will be patient and help me decide what color and size I wanna get, and so I will no longer be a Chanel virgin anymore and post tons of pix of TPF:p

    I know a lot of you recommend Damian from PA (or is it NYC?), and Joseph from NYC, can you guys please give me the exact address for these places; however, i am MOST LIKELY only gonna be able to go to Shorthils Mall, its only 30 mins away and the others are at least an hour away. If you guys can recommend someone at NM or the Boutique at the shorthills would be fantastic:okay:

    TIA LADIES & GENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  2. Shawn at the chanel boutique short hills is very nice
  3. julia at the boutique is nice. the nm chanel people at sh are not very knowledgeable.
  4. JULIA at SHORT HILLS CHANEL store is very very nice!
  5. This is true, Short Hills NM Chanel counter SA's are clueless :confused1:

    I have bought from Julia in the Chanel boutique in short hills in the past and she was very nice and very helpful. Not pushy at all. I find Paul to be very good too :yes:
  6. Paul is soooooooo sweet and Naomi is a sweet SA also (Short Hills boutique)
  7. so many options!! seems like they are all so sweet!!!!

    is there someone i SHOULD AVOID?????
  8. My SA's at the Chanel boutique and Neiman's both confirmed the price increase is scheduled for Nov 1st...
  9. Thanks lisa!!! *phew* :sweatdrop: i got an extra month to decide!!!!

    i just lost a lot of $$ in A.C. too!! lolx.. so this i good that I will have time to save up again:yahoo:
  10. Go see Paul in chanel boutique in Short Hills or Sheryl in NM. Both are helpful and honest-not even the least bit pushy.
  11. Somehow, I would rather deal with NM or Nordstrom or Saks when I am looking for a Chanel or LV. I don't know if the department stores can get everything the boutiques carry, but I know if I need to return something, it won't be a problem. I like the extra points events at NM and Nordstrom and try to take advantage of them whenever I can.
  12. Paul and Naomi are both wonderful to deal with at the boutique.
  13. in that case.....
    does anyone know if there is any perks getting the neiman card?
    or and specials going on at NM right now or in the near future before the increase?!~??!?!
  14. It is very true....all the NM chanel SAs(in short hills) are so clueless....they have no idea....It is so sad...