NM online sale return without reciept- Question

  1. Sorry, I didn't know what forum to post this under.

    A few months ago (2-3) my mom ordered some things from NM during their 40% off online sale. She then gave me the items for Christmas, but they did not fit. We want to return the items, but she lost the reciepts. One of the obstacles is since they are sale items, the barcodes were cut off. I really don't want to be stuck with these clothes that I don't want. Any advice? (other than selling on eBay.. etc.)
  2. I'm sure NM can pull up your mom's order history and then maybe they can resend her a packing slip or she can print out her invoice and include it
  3. Were they bought on a credit card? Perhaps you could use the credit card invoice?
  4. Yes they were purchased with credit card...

    now that I think about it, doesn't NM send email confirmations or something after you order?

    i need to tell this to my mom! thanks
  5. ^ yea they do. and the order is always available under the NM account order history. good luck!
  6. ^Yup, you should be able to reprint the invoice online, although I'm not sure how strict NM is with actually wanting the PACKING slip invoice (the one that came in the box).
  7. Yes, if she used a NM charge, it is easy. GL.
  8. Hurry because there is a time limit on returns for online purchases -- not sure what it is, but I would check on it.
  9. I thought the time limit in returns was 30 days? I'm not sure, so you probably want to check...
  10. Yea, there is a time limit (i looked it up). My mom already sent back the stuff though, so we'll see what happens :wondering