NM online messed up my BULGA bags order and sent me clothes!!

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  1. :cursing: I am so pissed off right now. I just received my package from NM online for the 2 bulga I ordered ( 1 in goldrush and 1 in oyster) and they sent me A FREKAING JACKET AND A JUST CAVALI SHIRT!! Both not even in my size.

    I placed 5 orders with them which 3 were cancelled by them. And I was so glad that the bulga bags order went through and this is what I recieved! I know NM online is not that trustworthy, but the worst I expected is just sending you damaged goods or wrong color for the item or a returned item. But they sent completely wrong items and when I called, the service rep sounded shocked and keep asking me if I am sure!! Hello, I only had 2 orders come through and I wouldnt mix up purses with clothes! and the box the order comes in is not even big enough to fit in 2 purses. :cursing::cursing:

    They better not give me anymore ****z when I go to Neiman to return it to stores since they take forever to process return in their warehouse from what I heard
  2. aww jeslyn i'm sorry that happened to you -- what did the service rep from Neiman's say? Will they still send you the bags, or were those orders cancelled?

    Off topic -- your puppies are SOOOOOO adorable!
  3. They dont have bulga crescent anymore now. So she says just proceed to return the stuff I received for $ back but no more bulga anymore! :crybaby:

    The only consolence is my jill staurt black top for order# 2 came through as described. It is not anything else but a jill staurt top.

    Thanks, I love my dogs too! They are my babies
  4. aw, i'm so sorry. :sad:
  5. Jeslyn -
    What a huge disappointment, we do feel for you. I know others (in other threads) have successfully gotten NM to extend to you a great discount on another bag that they have in stock.....have you tried to reach a manager to discuss your disappointment? Don't know if this works...but could they possibly be on the look-out for a Bulga return in the colors you want? I'm not much help since I'm returning a banana. It's at least worth a try. Good luck and if anything materializes, let us know.:crybaby:
  6. Ugh, that is so completely annoying!!
  7. Wow, NM is doing this a LOT lately. I wonder what is going on?? So sorry, jeslyn. If you're worried about return processing and live near an NM, you can return your stuff there. I know it's a pain, but at least the credit card gets processed quickly.
  8. Sorry that happened...but to ease your mind about returning its easy. Just go to Customer service and they call the order dept, and your credit is given to you right then. You dont have to wait. NM stinks, I dont shop there anymore.
  9. That's so lame and dissapointing! I hope they compensate you somehow.
  10. That's so diappointing! That has happened to me too. They didn't give me any issues about returning it but the item I ordered had sold out so I never got it.
  11. The same thing happened to my aunt last year when she tried to but a chloe bag that was on sale. They ended up canceling her order and when she finally got someone on the phone to fix the problem the bag was gone... Make sure they compensate you somehow!
  12. I did get these returned in stores today. Hubby went to do this, he says the SA couldnt believe it either and was just giggling when processing the return. Lolx.. the box is way too small for 2 purses and the package slips shows 2 purses lol.
    I didnt press for any compensation since I have bleed dry with all the sales going on and dont have anything else I want to buy now and bulga crescent is out of stock so just my luck.

    On a happier note, hubby was nice enough to pick up a cartier key ring for me as a surprise so I am all :nuts:now.

    Thanks for all those kind words gals, made me feel much better. I was really looking forward to my packages from neiman and image my depression and shock. It is just not meant to be then.
  13. I feel your frustration (similar thing just happened to me with Neiman Marcus). Glad you feel better, though...sometimes it helps just to vent, right? :smile:
  14. Ugh that's so annoying! Glad it worked out, though...you'll find another great bag on sale, I'm sure!
  15. oh no!! so sorry to hear that :sad: i'd be sooo upset