NM online haul...pics

  1. Hi,
    Thanks to everyone who voted last week in my poll about which purses from neiman's last call sale to keep. It was a harder decision than I ever imagined. A forum member has taken the camilla off my hands, and I'm keeping the handbags below. Although when I took the picture I hadn't made up my mind and left the tissue on the zipper pulls. I am a little concerned about how the bronze Venetia will wear due to the metallic leather, but she won't be an everyday bag. The Blue East West satcehl is the most gorgeous dark blue. It looks almost black...it glows. I just can't stop looking at them.:shame: I guess PB&J here I come.
    MJ group.jpg Quilted Venetia, Bronze.jpg East West, elastic, blue.jpg
  2. Gorgeous bags!! Im drooling :smile:
  3. Congrats! They are all gorgeous!
  4. :drool::drool::drool: wow! great haul... congrats!!!
  5. Did you not get the Black Mayfair?
  6. wow - great haul!
  7. Beautiful - every one of them!!!:love::love: Congrats and thanks for sharing pics!!
  8. Congrats! Very pretty, thanks for sharing the pictures.
  9. gorgeous gorgeous.....ENJOY all of them!!! i know what you mean i bought too many on sales and had to decide which two to send back it is tough!
  10. Great haul!
  11. Gorgeous bags!! Enjoy them all :smile:
  12. :wtf: the e/w stam is just gorgeous! congrats!
  13. beautiful purchases, all of them! congrats!
  14. Great collection of bags there! Congrats!
  15. your latest haul is the same amount of bags that i currently have in my collection!! love that mayfair! enjoy all three! :smile: