Nm Online Has The New Red Patent Leather Bag!!!!

  1. Get 'em while their hot ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Droolworthy :drool:. But I can't! :sad:
  3. It sure is red. I can't imagine spending $625 on it.
  4. Waiting for the eBay bags to hit!
  5. My that's red.
  6. Well, you won't get lost in the crowd wearing that...the two Elishas are gorgeous, the only two fall bags I really love (but not enough to pay full price...)
  7. If I hadn't lucked out on the Elisha, I probably would've gotten one of them. Yes, I'm a patent wh*re. :yes:
  8. I love that Red but that Patent send sit over the edge....LOL It's hard to explain. That Pewter Patent Natasha was so EYE POPPING that it was an eye-sore but at the same time I am so attracted to it. Something like you not being able to not look at the Car wreck!
    They also have a beautiful Cherry Patent Michel Kors Astor satchel. Same thing. There is one on eBay I almost bought just so I could stare at it.
  9. Nice but a little bit too flashy for me. Call me boring if you like!

  10. I think I would have to see this in person to see how "red" it actually is! I do think it is very pretty from the pictures!! But it would take the right kind of "style" to carry this one I think! :smile:
  11. My Grandma used to say that women that wore red shoes to church were hussies. I wonder if that goes for bags too?

    I think that bag would look hot with a simple black skirt and sweater. But it is too 'fire engine' red for me.
  12. "Fire Engine" is right. It looks like it could almost burst into flames.
  13. Maybe it's where you live. In my town that bag would not go over well at all. That bag has "Hussy" written all over it here. No matter how dressed up you are there is no place that that bag would fit in. But like I said before...I'd like to buy it just to stare at it.