NM Online has dark brown Chloe Box Satchel. . .

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  1. If anyone is interested
  2. I saw that a few minute ago on the site. It is very pretty, but I like the shape of the paddy more.

  3. I agree I like the traditional paddington more, however I think it does look nice in this color, and I just wanted anyone who was interested to see it.
  4. It is a beautiful color! :love:
  5. I like the traditional more as well :biggrin:
  6. Lovely.
    Unique, too, which would probably be good here in L.A., where it seems like everyone has the classic one...
  7. It is now sold out.
  8. does anyone else think that chloe is overdoing this paddington thing??? too many styles!!! stop it already!
  9. I agree. I think the Paddington is a beautiful bag, but I'm trying hard not to jump on the bandwagon.
  10. I remember in a previous thread there was some concern that the demand for paddingtons are going down, but NM no longer has the cream colored paddy up. In place, there's a python hobo... with heavy chains.

  11. That was me you were talking about, I wasnt worried the demand was down I was just saying it was weird how it was still there when the waiting list, even for cream , is so long. I too noticed that it is now missing. Now NM has the white python silverado, and i saw that python hobo in gold, I couldnt deciede what I thought about it- the bag looks so delicate and then the chains are huge and not so delicate. It will be interesting to see what people think of it.