NM Online additional markdowns

  1. Just noticed that NM online has taken additional off their sale items.
  2. The bags on sale that I saved on my wishlist still the same price. Is the additional markdowns for all sale item? Do you happened to know the pecentage?
  3. seems as though they're only on certain sale items. Wonder if you can find better deals in the store???
  4. In my experience, the prices at the stores are not as "attractive" as what's on-line....and the selection is not as extensive. I have two NM in my area and their selections are very different and many items on-line you never see at the stores. Shop it all - honey:yes:
  5. This is so odd...I just ordered a few items with 50% off from high end brands, but just now, I noticed, price already went back to 30% off? :confused1:
  6. i notice that too, luckily i ordered first thing this morning!
  7. Does anyone have links?
  8. I saw the sales this morning, and made up my mind to order something after lunch...but by then some of the sales were no longer at the additional sale prices!
  9. I saw this too! The large YSL Muse was on sale for $680 this morning, but now it is back up to $907. Maybe the lower price listed this morning was a mistake...that would explain why they wouldn't give me a price adjustment when I called this morning.
  10. Oh, this is strange. I saw all the bags were reduced this morning. Now they're all back to the old price. I ordered a pair of Versace sandals. Wonder what price it is now. Ummm I better go check. Guess this morning was just a temporary reduced???
  11. Interesting, I, too, ordered this morning, let's hope all the sales go through. My Neiman's SA left me a message that there is going to be another 25% markdown in the stores, so maybe the on-line sale page went up early by mistake??
  12. wow!! a muse for $680, do u still have the link?
  13. shoptfs, i think that deal is dunzo...it was supposedly a "glitch" in the system?
  14. Yup....I think they had a computer glitch and posted the additional sale prices a bit early....I too went online this morning (early) and put some bags in my shopping cart. When I just returned to the computer (early afternoon) - the prices changed - back up to where they were yesterday.
    So - now we have a peek at prices. Wonder when they'll change the pricing?