NM on-line returns...

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  1. Has anyone had any issues with returning on-line purchases via mail to NM? I bought a leather jacket and shipped it back with their own smart label 2 weeks ago and they're still not showin as having received it. Which is very odd to me because it took like 4 days for me to get it. Does their return process usually take this long? I'm in Canada so I expect it to take a little longer but in 2 weeks they haven't even received the package yet let alone processing the return.
  2. Sometimes they are a little slow. Have you tried to call the 1-800 number to see if they have have it? Maybe they have the box but they have not processed the credit on your card yet?
  3. I just got off the phone with them and they don't have it yet. The smart label hasn't even been activated yet according to them. I don't know how smart labels work but the way she explained it to me, it doesn't get activated until they receive it into their warehouse which seems kind of stupid to me. Everything else I've returned by mail has always come with a label that I can track myself.

    I've been calling them everyday to find out what's going on. The CSR yesterday tried to convince me that my package didn't even come with a smart label.
  4. i usually bring my returns to the store in nj and they mail them off to the return center for processing. i usually dont see the refund for at least 2 weeks after i brought the item back
  5. Which carrier did you use for the return? Which state did you send it back to? It could be a ground service, and from Canada this would be very slow.
  6. i never use the usps smart label, instead i use the label above that and send signature required ups. it takes a little more effort and a couple more $ to return but it's worth it. i receive my return credit 1-3 days after it's signed for.
  7. I used their own label that they provided from Fedex. What boggles my mind is that it took me 4 days to receive it yet more than 2 weeks for it to get back to them.

    I don't have an NM here so I had to ship it back. I think it gets shipped back to Texas but I could be wrong. I just always get the feeling that when I call them they're trying to give me the run around.
  8. ^^ I'm from Canada too but have never used the SmartLabel to return anything. I just send via normal Canadapost and it's gotten there in about a week.

    For some reason, I didn't even know you could use SmartLabel from Canada but I'm sure I am wrong! Good luck - I'm sure it will turn up.
  9. The process may have been slowed down because of the severe weather.
  10. My previous return to NM took 2 months to process. Your item is first shipped to the Return Department in Canada (Mississauga for me), then shipped to the NM warehouse where the return process starts. You are given a tracking number that's part of the FedEx PRP label, but this is only useful for the first shipment. As long as the Return Department receives your item, you are safe. The first shipment should only take 2-3 days.. it's the second shipment that takes forever (for me, it was about 5 weeks). If your item was sent back as 'defective', where they can't charge the $30 processing fee or Duty & Brokerage fees, then it will also have to go through one last process where they search for the 'defect'.

    I've returned items to NM a few times and the quickest was about 4-5 weeks.
  11. I actually just had my first issue with a smartlabel and am still sweating it a bit.

    I am in the US and returned an item on January 9th. They still don't have a record of it in the system. At first they said that it could take up to 5-6 weeks for it to show up in the system. Now they are saying they don't know what has happened to it. It is not showing that it was ever scanned in.

    I feel completely vunerable because it isn't like you can prove you sent it. So far they have given me a credit for the item. I am not sure what happens from this point on.

    The item was $600!
  12. I always take my on-line returns to the closet NM store and have them ship it back for me. It usually takes about 2 weeks before I get the refund.
  13. They can be very slow. I have also experienced a 2 month time frame for charge credit.
  14. Oh great. I've learned my lesson, I'm never buying anything online from NM again.

    Mine was defective... It would be nice if they put somewhere on the return sheet for you to describe the defect.
  15. NM isn't great to buy from if you are Canadian unless you find something online at a great sale (worth buying even when they add all the duties and taxes) and you are pretty sure you will keep it. Even then, you take the chance that your item will come new and not used/defective/wrong item.

    I've ordered from them many many times (like 60ish) and only once have I had a problem (they sent the wrong item). Luckily, I was in the states at that time and could bring it back without any problems. But I've heard of ppl on the forum saying they have received used items etc...!