NM old bookmarks (bags only) that are active now

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  1. Love the second one but can't get the link to work.
  2. Thanks for the info! What is the link to the actual Miu Miu bag page? This is just a link to the picture
  3. I googled Neiman Marcus Miu Miu. It must be an old link. Try calling CS to see if they can apply 25% off.
  4. Good idea! Thanks again.
  5. as an equestrian, Im tempted by gucci's....ack no $$ tho :sad: oh well...a bit 'busy'....
  6. Okay so I had the Chloe in my shopping bag and I went to pick out a gryson and my computer got confused. I had to backup and start again and my Chloe disappeared.

    :hysteric:Okay fess up, who bought my Chloe bag?:shame:
  7. ^ that's OUR Chloe bag, I had it in my shopping cart too, and now it's gone.
  8. Oh, :angel: I'm so sorry...


    I know how you feel.:cry:

    that's what I get for being greedy and wanting a gryson to go with my Chloe, uh excuse me, OUR Chloe.
  9. more more, i want more!
  10. Sorry, it was me who bought the bag:graucho: