NM no longer on luckyrewards

  1. I was disappointed to see NM disappear on luckyrewards. It used to be 4% cash back. Also it's now down to 1% on ebate
    . How sad!
    I'm happy to have grabbed this Burberry coat for like 70% off though:
    I usually wear a size 2 and I'm petite, the only one left was a size 4 but I hope it'll be okay!
  2. that is upsetting, it's nice to have that 4%. Beautiful coat by the way!
  3. For that price you can afford to have it altered!:tup:
  4. That is a gorgeous coat!
  5. Thanks girls! I can't wait to get it!
  6. thats a beautiful coat unfortunately i find burberry coats to run extremely large (well for me anyway) often the 0 is too big >.<
  7. ITA. I'm still drowning in the 0/xs
  8. The only Burberry jacket I have is a short Edenson in XS and it fits me fine. I hope this coat won't be too big! Otherwise I'll be so bummed!
  9. I wonder why they're no longer on luckyrewards. I used to love that 4%.