NM new sale starts online

  1. Ooooh, some nice bags, too!
  2. should I wait for more cut? my poor wallet
  3. oh my ....

    i'm gasping as im browsing through the selection - SO MANY cute bags!!!!!!!
  4. wow, chloe heaven!
  5. I don't see any Chloe.
  6. wow, the competition is FIERCE! many of the bags i put in my cart became unavailable as i was getting out my credit card to check out.......AHHHH!!!!!! so much pressure!!! :shocked:
  7. OMG!!! Chloe's Muahahahaha... I'm finally getting my edith messenger... too excited... thanks so much... :yahoo:
  8. Wow...lots of great stuff!!
  9. uh where are the chloes?
  10. Incredible tip...thank you SO much!!! I just saved $400 on a Marc Jacobs bag! Thank you!!!
  11. THanks!! but nothing I like well I shouldn't be spending any more :sad:
    hey y'all also use the free shipping code "summer"
  13. It's on the upper left side... it was filtered so you need to choose satchel or tote etc...