NM never got Large 227 Bordeaux Reissue???!!!

  1. I just got off the phone with 2 different Neiman Marcus SA's telling me that nM never ordered the bordeaux reissue in the large 227 size?? I could have sworn that other forum members have seen it there! Anyone know anything about this?:hysteric:
  2. I don't know about NM but Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA had one about two weeks ago.
  3. Yeah, NM did not buy the Bordeaux Re-issue...

    They have it in the following colors: Light Silver, Dark Silver, Gold, Blue and Black Patent...and I believe that is about it..i'll keep you all posted, if i get any other news

    mmm...me personally, i'm not crazy about the color anyway..i'm in love with the metallics
  4. Thanks for info. I found one through the Sa at that Saks. It will be here by next week. I saw the burgundy 226 at the newly reopened Saks in New Orleans last week. It was gorgeous, but I like the 227. I can't wait to get it and hope that I love it. ;)
  5. I am glad you found it. I saw it at Saks as well and it is absolutely gorgeous! The color leather goes great with the hardware -- please post some photos!
  6. I will as soon as I get my new baby!:yes:
  7. Did they have it at saks; I only saw the smaller ones downtown?
  8. I saw one at Saks in Bala Cynwyd Pa. I am sure an SA can track one for you if they still have them.