NM messed up my Juicy order!

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  1. If anyone sees this Juicy jacket in XL in the color "HIKER", could you please let me know where?

    Neiman Marcus sent me both pieces NWT with the paper tag reading XL on the jacket, but just as I was about to rip the tag off, I noticed the fabric tag on the jacket said L instead of XL! Please alert me if you come across this! Thanks!
  2. I'll keep my eye out....
  3. i noticed a lot of juicy mis-sizing when i when at nm a couple weeks ago. i thought i found a pair of medium velour pants...but when i went to try them on they were very tiny. turns out they were petite.
  4. I'm sorry :sad: Maybe you could try some of the NMs? I know last week, my NM in Atlanta still had a ton of Juicy velour left. Also, I think Bloomingdale's is doing a 50% markdown off the regular price of Juicy velour.
    Hope you find a replacement!

  5. Thank you all! I find it so frustrating when a Juicy set is messed up! It's just not the same without the matching jacket. I guess I will have to do some calling around...
  6. Oh boo... that sucks. I'll keep an eye out!
  7. Bloomingdales does have a lot of womens juicy 40 to 50 percent off original price.
    I would just go to another Neiman, they are pretty much the offical Juicy store. haha.
  8. I'll keep my eyes open. NM messed up one of m orders too. Yesterday I received a FedEx with an entirely different bag than what I ordered. The packing slip was correct I guess someone in the warehouse picked the wrong bag. I'm bummed because of course now my bag is OOS and now I have yet another thing to do (return the bag I didn't order). Actually, if I wasn't so honest I'd keep it to sell. It's a huge black Be&D leather hobo I paid less than $100 for but I wouldn't feel right keeping it. I just wish NM would take in consideration the additional time I have to spend returning the bag, along with my disappointment for not receiving my original. How come they messed up, I have to spend time returning, and they haven't offered a discount on a future purchase or anything for their mistake???

    Sorry to hyjack your rant.
  9. UPDATE: It came back in stock at NM this morning and I snagged it! I called CS and they were able to give it to me at the sale price since it was their mistake! :yahoo:
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