NM marked down bbags even more......

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  1. After picking up my FB Matelasse from the NM sale ($1202) marked down from $1750:nuts:. I decided that I was going to exchange it for a different style. The SA tried convincing me to keep it because it was marked down again to $857 :tup:.... that blew my mind:nuts::nuts:.. So I want to make sure that all my:heart: PF friends:heart: that purchased from the sale go back to NM and get an ajustment. It's a $350+ difference from Thurday's sale price. BTW, I came home with a beautiful FB Day:yahoo:.
  2. Which NM is that? I wish the one here carried bbags!
  3. Do you think this goes for all their bbags that were on sale? Even the mini bowling?
  4. i was @ nm sf today and didn't seem to see any fb matallese?? I only see truffle matallese and whistles on sale
  5. I think ALL the Bbags that were on sale were marked down again. mymelody11- the Aqua and FB were sold during the pre-sale.. The scary thing is when I returned my FB Matelasse the SA clunked it on the sale table with the rest of the Bbags on sale. She didn't even check it:wtf: or make sure it was worthy of being sold again ...I'll have to think twice about future purchases at NM-I now see why they have a bad reputation of selling used bags.
  6. Do you guys think it was just the Matelasse that went on sale even more? Does this apply to the mini bowling?
  7. oh my god. that is my biggest fear! someone will buy, return a fake hoping an sa doesn't check..........

    not to be confused that anyone here would do that but worried that some ill willied individual would do that..........
    main concern is an SA doesn't check.
  8. Does anyone know for sure if the mini bowling was marked down further?
  9. I would call NM to be sure about the Mini bowling..the savings would be a few hundred $ !!!
  10. I just called one NM on the West Coast and one on the East and both say the mini is still $720? Can anyone confirm it was less $$???????
  11. wow hat a huge savings on the matelasse...i want one too!!!!:yes:
  12. I called a couple of places and the mini was not marked down even further. I dont know why it wasnt and the others were.
  13. ^I talked to an SA who said the matelasse wasn't selling as well. Perhaps that's why it was discounted more aggressively than the mini?
  14. That could be true.

    The ladies I spoke with said if they still had mini's at the end of the month, they would be marked down an additional 35%.