NM Markdowns

  1. NM San Antonio still has a couple Balenciaga handbags available on sale. The discount is now 25% off the markdown price. Just wanted to let you all know.
  2. Any bowling bags?
  3. Any accessories??
  4. there is one medium matelasse duffle arena in blue and one lg ew quilted duffle arena in brown
  5. no only the two bags
  6. One of my Neimans SAs called me this morning and is going to put a Matelasse on hold for me until Friday when the markdown will be an additional 25% ... just a heads up in case anyone else knows of a NM sale item they want.
  7. NM Denver has a blue/linen first - extra 25% if presale and rung up on Friday. I think it's $660 now?