NM Lastcall.com 30% off Columbus Day Sale!

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  1. Hello All,

    NM Lastcall.com is having 30% off your entire purchase for Columbus Day! They have some Elizabeth and James that I must have!!

    Happy Shopping!
  2. Oh and Free Shipping with FSLAUNCH
  3. now...if they would just put up something worth buying...:thinking:
  4. They had promotion if you buy something then you would get $50 off next purchase of $100 or more. Did that deal expire? i thought it was until today. =(
  5. The deal is now sweeter with the Columbus day 30% off plus the new lauch promos. I bought a pair of undies for $7 to qualify for the $50 for $100 off. Don't for for get FSLAUNCH for free shipping. This will be your first transaction.

    Then the second transaction use your $50 off $100 promo code that will be emailed to you. This promo expires tonight at 11:59 CT. So you have to find items TODAY that totals over $100 to make it worthwhile. Don't forget to use the free shipping code again.

    I ended up getting a Michael Kors watch for $71 (orginally $250) plus the $7 pair of undies. Pretty decent deal for me since I have been wanting that particular watch for awhile.
  6. you have until oct 31 to use the $50 off $100 code that they send you after your first order .. at least that's what my e-mail said
  7. Good Job! I'm going to use this to get the shoes that I want - Thanks! :biggrin:

  8. Yes you are right. It does expire Oct 31. So hopefully they will be adding more items for the Columbus Day promo.
  9. jtstitzer, thank you so much for the heads up and instructions on how both transactions work to get the $50 off.
  10. Is there a link or code to use to make sure your first purchase gets you the $50 off $100 for your second purchase?
  11. Yes you should immediately get an email. Check your spam. It is actually a generic code LCFIFTY, but they will have you enter the email address you submitted for your first order.

  12. That's what I'd like to know too before placing my order for a pair of clogs. Thanks!
  13. ;)
  14. Thank you so much! I first bought the Daniblack clogs, and then I applied the $50 discount to a MK silver watch. That's 2 Christmas gifts taken care of thanks to you!:yahoo:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]