NM Last Calls - Chanel

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  1. Here's a thread for all NM last calls deals :nuts:

    Beige Reporter Med
    Blue Lax tote (cannot attached pic, resolution too high :sad: ...)

    Here's two from NM Downtown Dallas, Call:
    Ginny Hinson
    Downtown Dallas
    214.741.6911 ext 2128


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  2. Last call means ALL SALES FINAL, right?
  3. thanks for sharing
  4. Just called those 2 are gone but she said she has one Black Patent Large Tote with silver chain for final sale for a lil over 1000. Final sale so no return tho. Not sure the actual style name tho.

  5. Hello Mon ;)

    Yes, last calls have additional reduction from previous sale price and sadly it is final, no return.
  6. #6 Jan 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2009
    Here's more, Christine from NM-- Natick has a
    Black Lax tote
    Black Sharpie E/W large tote

    Hurry ladies, it is last calls and tell her ... the SF gal refers you :smile:

    **anyone spots a modern chain flap or the ROCK flap or similar style on sale PLEASE PM me.** Thank you!!!
  7. Nord MOA have a white morder chain flap, it's 60%off. can't beat the price of NM last call though.
  8. anyone spots a rodeo drive black hobo please p.m. me Thank you!!
  9. yeah, i called ginny as well, she said she has a black patent lax tote, i searched but has no idea what it looks like, i thought it is a lax toteu (you know with logo-chanel and small square pattern) but she said no. she said it has double c outside. very confused....

    anyone can post a pic for me to double confirm it? thank you


  10. i thought this one called lax tote.. but she said no...

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  11. Thanks, icecube.
  12. I think she is talking about the brooklyn tote not lax tote I also spoke to her.
  13. but how could it only cost around 1100? it sells oringally 3000 aound...

    mission impossible?
  14. anyway, lax tote, brooklyn tote, sharpey e/w lambskin tote, i love them at all... but still confused with wut is patent lax tote and with double c?

    very confused, anyway, ginny said she will call me next monday..

    i hope i can get it wutever it is lax, brooklyn or sharpey e/w....

    really crazy

    good luck to me
  15. I wonder how much the reporter sold for...