NM Last Call...

  1. If NM has announced today is the last day for the "LAST CALL" Clearance... does anyone know what happens to all those bags we didn't buy? Do they still appear on the website at their current low price? or do they remove from the site?

    and then, if they do remove them from the site.. is there an NM outlet or some other place they get shipped to?

    Thanks in advance... hope everyone's having a good day! :smile:
  2. yep, Neiman Marcus has a line of outlets called, appropriately, "last call"...not sure what area you're in, but you can find the locations on their website.

    in my experience, the stuff on the site doesn't vanish just because it's the last day....i think the publicity's mostly what goes away. eventually that stuff does go to outlet, but it's not immediate.
  3. Hi ShoppingsMyCardio!!!

    Thanks! I was hoping some of those bags would *stick around*... till I make my decisions and all. I have my eye on a couple of others, but I've really spent enough time and money on what I'm waiting to receive. ;)

    PS... Antic Cervo should be arriving today!! :yahoo:
  4. woo hoo! no more bags, pad...behave! :roflmfao: